We build. We improvise. We charge ahead, to redefine possibilities. We are the enablers. We are Mahindra Rise.
    A US $20.7 billion group present in 100+ countries and operating in key industries, driven by one purpose – to Rise.

    Our operations in key industries form – the foundation of every modern economy.
    We're empowering enterprises across sectors and borders, with tools that will drive them towards growth.

    Innovations inspire us. The kinds that touch lives. That empower. That enable each and every one of us at Mahindra, our stakeholders and customers to Rise to the future. Driven by this goal, we soar above limitations by thinking alternatively to drive positive change.


    Do more with less
    Do it together
    Do it for all

    Doing business for good is as important to us as doing good business. Rise for Good is the creative expression of our desire to drive positive change among our stakeholders, in the community, and in the world.

    Our beliefs stem from our core purpose and help guide our actions. They steer us towards our goal of becoming a globally admired brand. Above all, they inspire us to create offerings that help our customers, and the society at large, to Rise.

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